Tuesday, November 07, 2006

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I spoke with both Kathryn Starodub, Principal of Highland Secondary and Sherri Michell of the Highland Parents Association on Monday October 23, 2006 about Governor's Road.

Kathryn informed me that
  • they had the HSR bus stop across the road from the school moved to the nearby signalized intersection at Bridlewood. Before the move, the location of the stop encouraged students to cross with no infrastructure.
  • She thought flashing lights indicating school zone would be helpful.
  • She indicated that a turning lane at Highland would help relieve traffic tie-ups
  • she felt the timing of the stoplights at Bridlewood/Castlewood and Governors needed to increase the turning times for cars coming onto Governors.
  • The student hit by a car on Governors is back at school and making a great recovery

Sherri emphasised education for drivers, including parents and residents, to remind them to slow down in the vicinity of the school. She questioned the utility of the roundabout, thinking it was too far from the school zone.


My October 6/06 e-mail and follow up e-mail October 20 still awaits replies from City Staff including: Ed Switenky eswitenk@hamilton.ca, Acting Manager, Traffic Engineering and Operations; Hart Solomon hsolomon@hamilton.ca; Ron Gallo rgallo@hamilton.ca, Supervisor of Signals and Systems, Public Works; and, Rodney Aitchison raitchis@hamilton.ca

Brian Hollingsworth e-mailed to say he was going to provide some info regarding the GRIDS plan for bicycle infrastructure on Governors west of Creighton.

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