Friday, December 22, 2006

1812 military road

One need not search long to find reference to August 8, 1812, "General Brock marched through the valley, and out the Governor’s Road with forty regulars and 260 militia men....After picking up sixty Indians at the Mohawk Village" they went on to capture Detroit a few days later, a key victory for the vastly outnumbered force. (Woodhouse, T. Roy. Dundas Historical Society, The History of the Town of Dundas, Part 1, p23)

"Following their defeat by the Americans at the Battle of Moraviantown near the Thames River, the British and allied warriors of 1813 under the Shawnee Chief Tecumseh (who died in this battle) travelled east to the Grand River by trail and onto Lake Ontario via the Dundas portage, ultimately camping at the ‘fine large sandy bay’ at Burlington Bay." (Henderson, Bob, Every Trail Has A Story, p84)

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