Saturday, March 31, 2007

Lay of the land

A view of Governors Road at the start of the eastern section that this web site is concerned with. Looking west from Creighton (the signalized intersection in the photo, above) the three schools are on the left (or south) side of the street in this order (starting at the crest of the hill): St. Bernadettes Elementary, Highland Secondary, and the new school, now named Sir William Osler elementary.

Governors is a straight road in this section which does little to deter speeding, with pedestrian crossings aproximately one kilometer apart (here, at Creighton) and at the next signalized intersection at Castlewood (below, viewed facing the site of the new school):

Another view, this time looking east down Governors from Castlewood (photo taken from the crosswalk):

I include this photo (below) of an intersection in between the two signalized intersections to show the kind of engineering that is pro-car at the expense of pedestrians. The rounded corner makes it easy for high speed turns, whereas pedestrians have a wider span to cross (in the path of those fast cornering vehicles) - this kind of engineering should be altered to become more of a "corner" rather than an "off-ramp."

Check back for updates as we continue to monitor the situation.

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