Friday, September 05, 2008

getting the point across

well done, Brianna!

Governor's Road at Huntingwood definitely needs a crosswalk

Dundas Star News, Published on Sep 05, 2008

Re: No new crossing guards on Governor's Road, Aug. 29.

As a Grade 8 student of St. Bernadette Catholic Elementary School, I know how important a crosswalk at Huntingwood and Governor's Roads would be. I walk to and/or from school quite often and use Huntingwood to get home because it is more convenient to cross over to our neighbourhood from that intersection.

I believe we should have a crosswalk at Huntingwood and Governor's because all other elementary schools in Dundas have a crosswalk within 10 metres of the school property, but the closest two controlled crossings from St. Bernadette's School are at Creighton and Governors (0.3 kilometres from the school) and Castlewood and Governor's (0.4 kilometres from the school). Also there have been quite a few accidents at Huntingwood and Governor's.

We don't need a full stoplight, just a crossing guard, or crossing light that is activated by pedestrians.

I am glad that my principal was trying to get a crossing guard at this intersection, and I am surprised and disappointed that city staff would deny a crosswalk.

Brianna Kennelly


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