Saturday, February 27, 2010

pedestrians low priority

An article in the Dundas Star about over-intensification of a retirement community (reneging on a promise of green-space for residents in favour of another 90 unit condo) at Spencer Creek Village (Ogilvie and Hatt Street) shows opposition, and a concern for pedestrian issues not addressed in the Downtown Dundas Transportation Master Plan (DDTMP). The article quotes resident Craig Simpson:
“The intersection of Governors and Ogilvie is already a bottleneck today. New sources of traffic were not considered in the DDTMP,” Simpson said. “No projects of this type, or St. Joseph’s Villa, should be considered until pedestrian safety issues are addressed.”
As we have seen in the DDTMP, pedestrian issues take a back seat to road widening schemes to ensure traffic flows without delays, and people who walk will be put at greater risk due to extra lanes of traffic, and greater distances to traverse.

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Anthony Hurst said...

Douglas Hammond (thwarted by turtle lovers last year) is at it again. He has purchased 196 Governor's Road (between Ogilvie and Avon) and wants to construct either a nursing home for 25 residents or 3 bungalows. His application for severance into three lots requires a variance of the 60' minimum frontage. Sewers are deep there and all the trees will likely be cut down. Next meeting of the Committee of Adjustment is July 7, 2011. Opposition is most welcome.