Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Plus ça change, plus ça reste le même.

December 4, 1968
Dundas Star News

Governor's at Creighton, photo by Randy Kay
"Mr. and Mrs. William Hill 230 Governor's Road, appeared before council to inform them that residents of Highland Hills were alarmed at the danger from the heavy flow of traffic through the Creighton Road and Governor's Road intersection. A petition carrying 229 signatures in the area asked for a traffic signal for protection of adults, and children attending St. Bernadette's, Central Park, Central and Highland Secondary School.

Mr Hill said the crossing guard had told him he could not handle the heavy traffic and had resigned. Several occasions had happened recently when vehicles had driven through stop signals. A tractor trailer going 60-70 miles an hours had gone through a signal.

Mayor Everett assured the delegation that they would receive a full report shortly. He said a traffic study was in course on the intersection."

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