Thursday, October 19, 2006

Contact 2

Had a phone chat with Public School Trustee Jessica Brennan - she explained the process regarding transportation i.e.

  • the board had to submit a transportation study to the city for approval - the city has that now. [I will try and get info about this]
  • according to the board project manager for the Dundas West School, the person at the city they are working with is Ken D'Andre, Business Facilitator. After speaking with him today on the phone, it seems most of the planning is focused on the intersection of Governors and Bridlewood, and not likely to include traffic calming elsewhere on the road. More on that later. I've got a call in to Tanya McKenna to find out more. Ken also told me that city staff in the Urban Design Section would be the ones working on safe pedestrian routes, so that should be interesting to find out about)
  • So far the board and the local councillor have agreed on flashing lights (see earlier post on concerns about effectiveness) for the school zone.
  • As far as information about the new school, there is currently nothing on the web about it, they are behind schedule to have a web site due to turn-around in staff at the board.
Thanks Jessica for the prompt replies!

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Lord Simcoe said...

Tanya McKenna from the city called me this morning - in a nutshell she said as far as she is aware there is no comprehensive approach to traffic in the area of the school. That seems fairly self-evident: just look at the number of city staff who seem to be working somewhat in isolation from eachother as far as I can tell (I hope I am wrong): Ron Gallo (who owes me a call) is looking at the round-a-bout; Sue Russell is looking at the school-zone flashing lights; Tanya thought it might be Ed Switenky who is looking at possible bike infrastructure; from another conversation it sounds like another city department (Urban Design) is looking at pedestrian infrastructure.

Wow. Lots of people to chase around. In my 'citizen-trying-to-take part in the process' kind of way, I strongly believe that this project would benefit from a coherent, transparent process with clear lines of communication.