Friday, October 13, 2006

September minutes

The latest minutes from the Dundas Community Council:

3(b) Dundas West School

Grading has begun and it is anticipated that the school will be open in September 2007.

Councillor Samson reported that there are three things he has been working on: movement of the traffic guard from Creighton and Kemp to the stoplight at Bridlewood; the erection of two flashing signs to indicate the school area and reduced speed (One at Huntingwood and the other at Moss Blvd.); and a traffic round-a-bout at Davidson Blvd or Pirie. The most recent information received with regard to the round-a-bout was that it is going into the 2007 budget, however they must do an Environmental Assessment before they can finalize it. The purpose of constructing a round-about will be to slow traffic flows while maintaining movement on Governor’s Road.

Some good things there, but I guess the question is: is it enough? While the traffic circle is a physically engineered traffic calming device that forces cars to slow (while maintaining flow), flashing lights rely on enforcement, which is not nearly as effective as physically changing the roadway.
Residents and users need to see the plans in full and make comments to ensure a good design. Perhaps this will come with the EA, but is the EA only in relation to the traffic circle and not the rest of the puzzle? -L.S.

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