Monday, October 23, 2006

contact 3

Phone tag finally concluded today between St. Bernadette's principal and I: point form notes:
  • large percentage "about 90%" of children are bussed to the school
  • only a few students walk
  • they use the crossing guard at Creighton/Governors
  • it would be useful to have a pedestrian activated signal/crossing between Highland School and St. Bernadettes (there is a long stretch with no crossings between Bridlewood and Creighton)
  • she hasn't spoken to the city about traffic - her concern "is in our driveway, not a lot of our kids go beyond the driveway.")

Other contact - I left another voice mail for the principal at Highland seeking info about their plans, and for a contact number for the Parent's Council.

Councillor Samson's office replied to my prompt for a response from city staff about my earlier questions, so I expect something in the near future.

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